Heifers Gonna Hate shirt

Heifers Gonna Hate shirt

Heifers Gonna Hate shirt
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Heifers Gonna Hate shirt is a cool shirt that you should have. Instead of “Haters”, we say “Heifers”, this shirt is cool, isn’t it? The phrase haters gonna hate peaked on Google Trends in February 2012, with BuzzFeed notably publishing a listicle of some of the more outrageous memes. By this point, the phrase had spread beyond its hip-hop origins. It also prominently appeared in the chorus of Taylor Swift’s 2014 pop mega-hit “Shake it Off.” R&B singer Jesse Braham, who used haters gonna hate as well as players gonna play in a song of his own a year earlier, sued Swift over her use of the song. The court dismissed the case because Braham “hadn’t provided enough factual evidence” to prove plagiarism. The earlier and widespread use of the term didn’t help Braham’s case either.

Heifers Gonna Hate shirt

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Heifers Gonna Hate shirt, long sleeved, tank top

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