Clever Girl Jurassic Park v-neck shirt

Clever Girl Jurassic Park shirt

Clever Girl Jurassic Park shirt
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You’re a clever girl and you love watching Jurassic Park, this Clever Girl Jurassic Park shirt is for you, it’s a great shirt that you should buy. “Jurassic Park is one of the few Spielberg films I like–well, let me double-check the IMDB to see if that’s true–guess what–Jurassic Park IV is in pre-production. Unless 4 is guaranteed to be as good as 1, I’ll skip it. My biggest problem with Jurassic Park is that only the beautiful people survive. Each person who bites the dust is a stereotype of one sort or another–from lawyers to fat people to foreigners to chain smoking black men–once someone different appears on screen, he is marked for destruction. (The only exception is B.D. Wong’s character, only because he leaves the island early).”

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Clever Girl Jurassic Park shirt, long sleeved, tank top

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